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CHASE MOVEMENT ETHOS (rules to live by)


The Chase Movement ethos of life is one that builds growth and strength for the physical, mental and emotional health of all that come in our doors. The following values are here to influence this ethos and will translate to the life we live outside of the gym as well.

POSITIVITY: We Leave all negativity at the door; and speak positively about others and ourselves.

INTEGRITY: We maintain moral conduct that uplifts all others around us encouraging unity and growth.

PURPOSE: We know our purpose in life, our “why” for being at the gym, and live from this intention.

READINESS: We are here to strengthen bodies, enlighten our minds, and develop positive relationships, so be ready to work.

FOCUS: We pay attention and follow strict direction from the coach.

RESPECT: We respect others, our selves, and the gym and all its equipment.

MAX EFFORT: We put in 100% effort, knowing it will return to us 100% results.

QUALITY: We practice proper movement patterns first, before focusing on quantity of reps or intensity of the exercises. As the quality of the movement is improved the intesity increases. 

COMPETITION: Friendly competition is great as long as it encourages others to put in their max effort as well. Remember the only person you need to be better than is your past self.

AWARENESS: Be aware of all around you, yourself, and others. But remember it is not your responsibility to cater to the feelings of others, just your own.

OWNERSHIP: We take ownership of our health and actions. Our health is not any one elses fault but our own. We are not victims; WE ARE WORRIORS that empower ourselves through taking responsibility of our actions.

PROMT: Being on time allows for a proper warm up and full instruction. 

CLEANLINESS: We keep the gym clean and organized not only for safety, but for the overall feeling in the gym. We also keep ourselves clean; shower often, wear deodorant, and keep our gym clothes fresh. When we smell inviting, the gym smells inviting, and it welcomes others into our community.


Coaching Staff



Lindsey Francom

Movement Coach

I’ve been a certified personal trainer and a coach for Chase Movement for 3 years. Before becoming a coach I reached out to Jon for nutrition support after my last baby. Not only did I loose 100 lbs, I gained confidence and purpose.


I have an associates in community health and I’m also a certified AFPA holistic nutritionist. I’m a wife and mom to 4.

Between working out and managing a home, I like to hike, travel, read, and learn as much as I can.


Director of Training/Owner

I am a devoted father to 6 daughters and a husband to my beautiful wife of 20 years, Christina. I am a movement efficiency practitioner. I have been influencing and coaching change for over 16 years.

I train the body and mind to work together to create efficient, healthy, strong human beings.


This is all driven by my purpose to influence and move people forward in their lives.


Coming from a life of addiction myself I focus on helping others overcome any self limiting beliefs, addictions, and behaviors that are contrary to their goals and purpose in life.

Sydney Savage

Movement Coach

I've been married to my husband, Steve for 13 years and have 3 amazing children. I love all things outdoors, being with my family, playing softball, music and, of course, working out! I found my passion for health and fitness through my own journey at Chase Movement. I decided to become a certified personal trainer in 2020 and I genuinely love what I do!


Training has been a huge blessing in my life! Helping people throughout their fitness journey and watching them work hard to achieve their goals is truly exciting and humbling for me and I love that I can be a part of that with my clients and gain lasting friendships!

The ETHOS of a Movement COACH (This is what we commit to live by)




- Lao Tzu 

A COACH is respectful, and gains respect from others through their consistent actions.

A COACH speaks with authority and boldness.

A COACH is confident: This includes posture, facial expressions, body language, and over all energy and presence at all times.

A COACH allows others to voice their opinions but speaks truth without belittling. They will correct false principles of fitness and health.

A COACH is a physically fit and healthy individual.

A COACH is competent in their own movements and ability to train those movements to others.

A COACH is mentally tough and can overcome all physical and emotional feelings without letting it effect the quality of training and instruction they give to others.

A COACH practices positive habits in all areas of health and knows how to teach/coach others through their tough times (within the scope of certified practice)

A COACH is impeccable with their word and uses it to educate, instruct, correct proper behaviors as it fits within Chase Movement Gym and lifestyle.

A COACH doesn’t take anything personally and therefore does not react to any negative judgments or criticisms from others.

A COACH doesn’t make assumptions on how others feel and always asks questions for clarity. They also don’t assume any client knows a particular movement/exercise and is willing to demonstrate anything needed for better clarity of the client.

A COACH always does their best. This is knowing that their best, from one day to the next, can change but always has the intention of being, acting, and performing their best every time.