What clients say about us



Our happy clients


Chase Movement has given me personalized coaching and has helped me build strength safely and gradually. 

I have seen measurable imrovement in strength and performance. I can accomplish everyday tasks more effectively and efficiently. I have increased clarty and overall health.

I love the positive, uplifting atmosphere.


Gina Peterson

Before the gym I had never done wieght training, so I was wary. I didn't feel I needed fat reduction, so anything focused on that was uninteresting to me.

Chase Movement has helped me see the value in weight training, making me feel and be stronger - physically, emotionally, and mentally.


Jas Petrell

Before the gym I was embarrased about my weight. I was nervous to go to the gym because I wasn't as strong as I used to be.

I realized after day 1 that all my worries were invalid. I felt welcome and excited to be here from the moment I walked in. I love that I can work out next to guys and not feel weak or inferior to them. 


Vera Hamilton

Before the gym I had limiting beliefs, such as: "I'm not an exercieser", "Working out is too hard", "What if I get hurt"

I have now been consistent without injury and I like how I look.

Thank You Jon for creating a space where I can safely accomplish my goals and have fun!

It inspires me to see you lead by example!


Duncan Peterson

I don't worry about my body anymore because you fixed my mental health. You showed me that my worth isn't determined by my wieght and "I AM" worth the effort I put in. I no longer have anxiety and feel like the gym is a home away from home. 

I can deadlift more than 100 lbs more than when I started and can do unassisted pullups. I am a better person than I as when I started and a good chunk of that is becasue I walked inot your gym.


Carlee Hullinger 

I didnt go to the gym before because it was hard to justify the expense. I thought I'd be judged by the coach, and the workouts would be too dificult. 

I have overcome those limiting beliefs and now have better mental health, physical strength and endurance. 

"I can do hard things!"


Steven Savage

You have been extremely aware of my needs and concerns. You are encouraging and you know how to be creative in helping me improve capability. 


Alan Allred

I used ot not be a gym goer. I though it would be hard and I would be really uncomfortable.

You, Jon Chase, are extremly patient and treat each client individually. You have a way of making everyone feel accepted and knowing that what they are doing is their best!

I have personally gotten stronger, healthier, more body positive, flexible, and dhappier.


Stephanie Snyder

You really are a great coach and this the best gym I have been to.

I really like the culture you have created. It really makes a big difference. It is welcoming, accepting and encourages growth. 


Ellen Meeks

I no longer have reservations regarding cardio any longer. I no longer need to use my inhaler on a regular basis. 

I have learned that in order to get what you want you have to give up something you have. 

I have gained 30 lbs of muscle and do un assisted pull ups. I have way more self esteem, confidence, and increased mental health. 


Jesse Habbick

Expense to go to the gym used to be a concern but no longer is. 

I have become stronger, more fit, healthier and better core strength which was important to me. 


Jim Gish

I was intimidated becasue I was overweight. I thought it would be too hard and intesne for me. I had no confidence in myself and felt too out of shape to get results. 

You make everyone feel comfotable and welcome. You explain each exercise thoroughly and make sure we do it rigth to prevent injury. You modify when needed to fit every fitness level. 

I lost 40 lbs the first year and gained so much confidence I now share that with others as one of the Chase Movement coaches. 


Sydney Savage

Chase Movement gym is the best! I've gained a beautiful love for working out. I have gained confidence in myself I never had before. Thanks to Jon and his team for pushing and cheering me on. 


Rachel Allred